Monday, May 20, 2013

Cool Real-Time TriMet Transit Map

Hi Everyone, check out this really cool real-time TriMet transit map I found recently. You can follow bus lines, MAX lines, and the Streetcar. I thought it was appropriate since we are discussing transit in class today:


  1. Really neat technology - it kind of reminds me of the post a couple of weeks ago about increasing predictability for drivers using message boards. Do you know if they've developed a mobile app? That would make it even better - you'd know when to leave the restaurant so you didn't miss the next bus. I think that would really go a long way toward making transit more usable for more people.

    1. Hi Michael,

      I know a lot of the apps currently available don't have real-time maps, but they do use real time updated arrival times for most routes.

      I use PDX Bus for the iPhone, and as long as you are connected to a phone network or WiFi, it displays the current arrival time. Otherwise, I think it uses scheduled times. It also displays detours and other route information (basically whatever is available from the TriMet website).


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