Monday, April 15, 2013

Denver's Private Market Defense against Distracted Driving

The invention of cell phones and their significant use in our daily lives has pushed distracted driving to the front line as a driver safety issue. States have been implementing laws to prevent the use of cell phones while driving. Colorado state law bans texting and driving but there is no ban against handheld cell phone use except for novice drivers. Other than public policy, how is the private sector in Denver reacting to this push for safer driving?  

A Denver-based company, Cartasite, has created two devices that combat distracted driving. ROVR, Realtime Operating Vehicle Reporting System is a device that you can plug in to your car and it will track distracted or aggressive driving habits fast braking, quick starts, braking, etc. It was designed with commercial fleets in mind but a local high school is using this device to create a competition for the students.

Cartasite is also the inventor of cellSAFE, a device that blocks incoming and outgoing calls and text messages from a cell phone, except for 911 calls. These are the most restrictive settings but they can be altered to allow for phone calls but enable monitoring of phone usage.

A Denver father who is worried about his children driving, has created a phone application that, similar to cellSAFE, will block incoming and outgoing calls and messages. The app runs all the time on the phone and parents will be notified by email if the app is turned off or deleted.  The app is triggered based on the chosen speed in the settings.

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