Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Racy new reality show, the Atlantic Cities blog, and folks/orgs to follow on Twitter

Hi all - Here is a funny story from the Atlantic Cities blog that Arlie mentioned in class on Monday night. If you aren't already familiar with the blog, check it out - fair warning, it would be easy to drop a few hours falling down that rabbit hole. And if you are into the whole Twitter thing, I recommend following them there at @AtlanticCities.

A few others worth following are +Streetsblog Network (@StreetsblogNet), @Streetfilms, @Transport_ELS, @NACTO4Cities, @copenhagenize, @STEPatPSU, @NPRCities, @OTREC, @TRBofNA.

This will probably come up in class more, but I've found a huge increase in the number of professionals and organizations sharing info via Twitter. Worth thinking about using for professional purposes.

(And if you want, you can look me up at @GoddardTara.)

The story:

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  1. So @arlieadkins and @joebroach don't make your must read list?


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