Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Future of Transportation in New York City

Throughout the world, cities will advance their transportation networks as technology rapidly advances.  New York City, perhaps, will advance their transportation network quicker than most.  Envision a day when all cars in New York City are equipped with GPS tracking units.  These GPS units will monitor parking and other traffic violations.  Essentially this technology could wipe out a fraction of the police force and save the city money. 

GPS Tracking Device, credit: GPS Device Reviews
Additionally, GPS technology could be applied to transit systems.  It would monitor fare payments and the level of service.  Perhaps it would also prevent or at least mitigate those riders that board without paying.  Furthermore, GPS technology would also increase traffic flow and harmonize speed, reducing congestion and increasing travel time reliability.  This would be carried out by traffic lights responding to demand and providing motorists with real-time information so they could shift their routes accordingly.

While GPS technology is still undergoing developments, New York’s CitiBike Share recently launched and we contend that it will play an integral role in increasing transportation options, improving health and livability, stimulating businesses, and promoting the bike share concept throughout the world.  

NYC CitiBike Share, credit: CitiBike
Lastly, we believe that personal rapid transit (PRT) will become part of the transportation network at New York City’s airports serving as a means to move people, particularly tourists and business travelers, between the airport and major destinations throughout the city.  Currently, there are three operational PRT systems in the world, however we would not be surprised if New York City implemented their own in the future. 

Rendering for SkyTran's experimental personal rapid transit system in Seattle, credit: SkyTran
The future is tough to predict, but transportation will certainly advance in some fashion.  Only time will tell if GPS technology becomes more prominent in cars and transit, the CitiBike Share significantly improves the quality of life, and whether personal rapid transit makes an appearance connecting the airports to downtown New York City.  

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