Saturday, June 1, 2013

Singapore: where an intelligent transportation system can work...

I was amazed by what Singapore has become today as one of the top global cities in Asia. It has one of the most extraordinary advanced transportation management system in the world. The Land transportation system (LTA) is using its best efforts to develop and control traffic through all Singapore.

 In this blog, you will see what initiatives that LTA used to reach the best solutions for traffic control that included the city and highway congestions, intelligent systems in car crossroads, intelligent parking and disability pedestrians crossing intersections though using the intelligent transportation system (ITS).
The ITS system covers more than 161 Km of Singapore's highways. It has many creative solutions to help the road commuters to reach their destinations and enjoy the ride in the shortest time possible.

Most of ITS's component inside the network are:

ITS operation control center (OCC): runs all day to help the road commuters through electronic signs and help in case of an accident occurs.
i-Transport: a wide informative screen shows the views of different traffic locations around Singapore along to help in monitoring the traffic, tunnel, highway and to ensure a quick responds for any accident immediately.
Express Monitoring and advisory System (EMAS): a panel distributed in highways to in inform drivers of the traffic condition and advise them to shift the direction in case of an accident occurs.
Junction Electronic Eyes (J-Eyes): cameras distributed along signal intersections to monitor the traffic.
Green Link Determining (GLIDE) System:  a sensitive system works together to ensure the most effective green light for vehicle and pedestrian movement.
E-Traffic Scan: it use Taxis on roads and highways to collect traffic data like speed and flow conditions from the Taxi's GPS.

One of the interesting ways to inform the drivers about the traffic flow condition is the Traffic Massage Channel (TMC) that uses the monitoring cameras on roads to inform the Data Center if an incident happen and in return, a massage would be sent to motorists having smartphones or navigators to change preferably their routs to less traffic roads.

Land Transport & Authurity in Singapore

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