Monday, June 10, 2013

Tesla: Soon to be Illegal to Test Drive Near You!

Tesla, the electric car company that ranks third on the list of things I think when I hear the word "Tesla," is currently working on a major expansion in charging stations and new models (that will cost you a third of the price of the Model S).

Apparently not founded by this guy.

For the curious: When I think "Tesla," I think 1.) Nikola 2.) Coil and then 3.) The most overpriced, most beautiful electric vehicles around.

Boston Business Journal has reported 
Tesla is having some issues, though: there are currently two states (stay classy, Arizona and Texas!) that don't agree with the direct-to-consumer approach they have been using, and have, in a way that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, banned them from letting people test drive the cars or even telling the public what the price of the car is.  The idea is that this company and its stores inside of malls and what-have-you will kill dealerships everywhere, and not having a window sticker will solve that problem, apparently.  There is also legislation awaiting a vote in the Massachusetts General Court that would do the same.

This is the most legal part of the car-buying experience.
So what does that mean for potential buyers?  You'll have to seek out current Tesla owners in order to take a test drive (though I sure as hell wouldn't let a stranger drive my $90,000 car).

Tesla probably doesn't have much to worry about, though.  Why, you ask?  They're currently building hundreds of supercharging stations throughout the U.S.  These stations will make it much more likely that someone will actually want to buy their car, mainly because you won't be stuck driving just a few miles from your house forever.

It was reported recently that Tesla will be building charging stations nationwide by the end of the year.  So many that you will be able to take a drive in a Tesla cross-country using their supercharging stations.  You merely get out of the car for an hour, stretch your legs, eat at a diner, etc., come back in an hour and your car is charged.

Tesla's End of Year Plans

Tesla is also expanding to new markets by bringing its vehicles to China "soon."  Tesla is also adding two new models to its lineup, a small SUV and sedan, according to DailyFinance.

I really think that this expansion by an electric-only company is hugely interesting, and the excitement that people are feeling about it is even better.  Hopefully this will spell good things soon for the entire electric vehicle industry.  Now, I worry that electric vehicles will encourage people to drive more, but I really do see it as a "good" current solution to a complicated and decades-long problem.

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  1. Once again I think you have the power of special interest groups here. The car dealerships associations can be a powerful lobbying group in many states and when you consider how much cities and states depend on sales tax dollars (although we don't have to think about that here in Oregon)they probably worry that about the affect on the sales tax.

    Also, I can see why Texas would not want an electric car getting too much publicity seeing how dependent they are on the oil industry for their economy. Arizona on the other hand, it is probably all politics.


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